Thanks for getting this far into my website! Here you will find a few Q&A's to better get to know how I work, and how I spend my time outside of work.

Why Graphic Design?

The opportunity provided through graphic design to work on projects that inform and inspire is a unique on. I became a designer because I thoroughly enjoy creating content that influences and inspires people.

How do you get started on a new project?

Each project, no matter the size, has its challenges. Thats what makes it fun for me. I break down every challenge into small achievable goals. I organize all required aspects of a design, then arrange in unique and creative ways. The goal with every project is to deliver a message clearly in the most impactful way. The job is never finished until the client is happy.

What do you do for fun outside of work?

I enjoy woodworking, gardening, and making my lawn as green as possible. (With as few chemicals possible) My family is my world, and I am dedicated to maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

My ultimate goal is to settle down at one company and grow there. In the creative field, it is more and more common to change roles every few years. That is not for me. In five years, I hope to be established as an integral part of a single creative team. Also, hopefully have a super green lawn.